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Welcome to the AccuPOS Retail Point of Sale Manual!

In this guide, we will dive in to all the basics you will need to know to operate the POS. Use the menu in the top left to navigate to a specific section.

Starting the POS

AccuPOS can be opened by selecting the AccuPOS icon (pictured to the left) from the desktop.

The POS Interface

On launch, the standard login screen (pictured to the left) appears. You may see your company logo and not the AccuPOS logo on this screen. Enter your assigned login password to login to the POS.

A layout of our main interface is pictured below and to the left. You will see a label for each section of this screen. We will refer to some of these terms later on.

Take a minute to go through the tabs, located at the top, and familiarize yourself with the functions available in each.
1 Top Tabs:
Invoice - View the current sale, apply items, and perform most other functions.
Payments - View sale totals and payments applied.
Your Shift - Functions applying to your shift, including End-Of-Day.

2 Invoice Section:
Items applied to the sale appear here. Lines can be adjusted using the price, quantity and tax columns.

3 Menu Section:
Item buttons appear here. The top two rows are for changing between menu pages.

4 Take Cash:
Here is the sale's running total, as well as the total discount. Select this if the customer is making a cash payment. Selecting it will also open the cash drawer.

5 Quick Bar:
Many features have been conveniently placed here for quicker access.

6 Keypad:
Use this keypad to enter items, prices, quantity, search for customers, and more.

interface Make A Sale

Making a Sale

Applying an Item to the Sale

There are four ways an item can be added to the sale:
  • Scanning the item's SKU/Barcode

  • Choosing the corresponding button from the menu

  • Using the "Item Search" feature (located in the Quick Bar)

  • Enter the item's number manually using the keypad
After applying an item to the sale, it appears in the invoice section, and the total in the top right reflects the change.
Quantity button Quick Bar

Changing Quantities of Items

There are two ways to change the quantity of an item:
  • Before entering in an item: Enter a number in the Keypad and then press the "Quantity" button in the quickbar. The next item you apply will have that quantity.
Change Quantity Change Quantity Screen
  • After entering in an item:  Select the "Quantity" column of the item you wish to change, type the new quantity in, and press Accept.
Delete Line Full Screen

Remove an Item

Pressing the "X" on the far right side of the item total will remove the item from the transaction. You will be asked to confirm this action.
Discount Discount

Discount an Item

Like editing an item's price, you can select the "Price" or "Total" column of the item you wish to discount. Instead of typing a new price, type in the percentage you would like to discount the item (10 = 10%). Instead of hitting accept, select the percent sign next to the number. This will automatically reduce the price of the item by that percentage.

Discount the Sale

If a Sale Discount Button is set up, simply select the button, and it will apply a discount to ALL items in the sale.
Cancel quick bar

Cancel the Current Sale

Select the "Cancel Sale" button from the Quick Bar. You will get a confirm message, and then the sale will be cleared.
Load/Save Quick Bar

Save an Order

After entering items, select "Save Order" from the Quick Bar. You will have the option to enter a custom name to save the sale under, or simply hit Accept to use the default name.
Exact Cash QuickBar Take Cash Button Take Cash Full Screen
Take Cash Pop-up Take Cash Pop-up

Processing A Payment

Cash Payment

If the customer is using Exact Cash:

Select the "Exact Cash" button in the Quick Bar, and this will close the sale and open the cash drawer.

If the customer needs change:

  1. Select Take Cash in the top right corner of the interface.

  2. Manually enter the cash the customer has handed you, or select from the cash denominations on the side.
EMV Payment Button quick bar credit card button

Credit Card Payment

For EMV Payments:

  • Select "EMV Payment" from the Quick Bar, enter the amount to charge, and insert the card into the terminal.

For other Credit Card Payments:

  • Swipe the card whenever you are done applying items to bring up the amount window.
  • To enter the card information manually, select the "Credit Card" option from the Payments Tab. Fill out the card number, expiration date, and amount to process in the following windows.

For Non-Integrated Credit Card payments:

Please see the "Other Methods of Payment" section.
Gift Card Button

Gift Card Payment

Select the "Gift Card Payment" option under the Payments Tab. Then swipe, scan, or type in the gift card information to apply the payment. You can also select "Gift Card Balance" and swipe, scan, or type in the card number to check the balance on the card.
Tender type Tender Type

Other Methods of Payment

On both the Quick Bar and in the Payments Tab, is the "Other Payment" button. Select this to bring up a list of any other payment methods. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Payment on a Customer Account
  • Non-Integrated Credit Cards
  • Check

Multiple Payment Methods

To apply Multiple Payment Methods to the sale, enter an amount less than the sale's total while applying a payment. This keeps the sale open. Then apply the next payment as normal. Repeat as needed.

Remove Payment from a Sale

In the Payments Tab, there will be a summary of the amount due, taxes charged, and payments applied so far. Select the X next to the payment that needs removed, and it will be taken off the sale.
Find Customer Find Customer

Customer Accounts

Quick Lookup:

  1. Enter a customer's information such as a phone number in the Keypad, then select the "Customer" button from the Quick Bar.

  2. If an exact match is found, it will automatically attach the customer to the sale. Otherwise you will be taken to the Customer Search screen with search results of what was typed in.

Full Search:

  1. Select "Customer" from the Quick Bar.

  2. Enter text in the search field, and press search. This will search the Customer Code, Name, Company, and Phone Number fields.
Find Customer Find Customer

Attach Customer to the Transaction

  1. After searching for a customer, select the right customer from the list that appears. It will turn yellow.

  2. The "Attach" button then becomes available. Select it to attach that customer to the current transaction.

Edit Customer Edit Customer

Edit a Customer's Information

  1. When a customer has been selected, the "Add New" button changes to "Edit".

  2. The customer information screen will display where any information can be edited.

  3. Select the "Attach" button to save the updates and attach the customer to the current sale.
FindCustomer FindCustomer

Add a New Customer

  1. Select "Customer" from the Quick Bar.

  2. Select "Add New".

  3. On this screen, fill out the customer's information. The one required field is the "Customer Code". It is recommended to use their phone number (with no spaces or special characters) as this code.

  4. When finished entering the Customer information, select the "Attach" button to save this data attach the customer to the current sale.
History History

View a Customer's History

  1. After selecting a customer from the search screen, choose the "History" button to bring up the record of past sales attached to this customer.

  2. From this screen, you can select a sale from the right side. This will bring up the sale details on the left side of the screen.

  3. From here, you can choose "Print Receipt" to print that sale's information.
Quick Bar Row3 Quick Bar

Extended Functionality

Checking Item Prices

  1. Select the "Price Check" button from the Quick Bar.

  2. Select or Scan the item you wish to Price Check.

  3. A new window will with that item's price.

Load Order Quick Bar

Load A Saved Order

  1. Select "Load Order" from the Quick Bar.

  2. Choose the order you wish to load; use the filters at the bottom to help you find it.
Payout Shift Tab


  1. Select Payout from the Your Shift Tab. This allows you to take cash out of the cash drawer without processing a sale.

  2. Payout requires you to select from a list of pre-defined reasons, and will show up on the Reset Report.
Change Shift Shift Tab

Change Shift

Use the Change Shift function in the Your Shift Tab to change the shift being used by this POS station.

Reprint Receipt

  1. Choose the Reprint Receipt button in the Your Shift Tab.
  2. Select a recent receipt, or search through those of other users, or past receipts.

  3. Use the toggle in the bottom right to select whether or not you wish to print a gift receipt.
Report Report

End-Of-Day Functions

Shift Report:

Select the button located in the "Your Shift" Tab. This will print out a report of the current shift's sales, but does not close the shift or reset transactions like the Shift Reset function.
Reset Reset

Shift Reset:

Select the button located in the "Your Shift" Tab. This will print out a report of the current shift's sales, but does not close the shift or reset transactions like the Shift Reset function.

7. Support

Should you need more information on these features or anything else, please reach out to us through one of the methods below:

AccuPOS Technical Support
(888) 265-4767

AccuPOS Client Services
(800) 906-5010 Ext. 2